Monday, July 27, 2009

Another "First"

This is an exciting "first" for us here in Logandale. My only regret is that Tibi isn't here to join in the jubilee! We came home from church yesterday, checked on the chickens, and found that one of those beautiful girls had dropped an egg. We weren't expecting them to be "expecting" until late August or September...I'm actually surprised that they could lay anything in this heat, but I guess it can be done. After all, I "laid" both Tibi and Landon in the Nevada August heat many years ago. The eggs start coming out a little small at first, but will get as big as large eggs that can be bought at the store. That's what we wanted, BIG eggs. So you can see that they have a little growing to do!

homegrown on the left, store bought on the right

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'll tell you where I've been....right here. Well, up until recently. Lexie and the kids were here till about July 9th and after taking them back to Arizona and getting home myself, I seem to have fallen off the earth, when it comes to blogging, that is. I have been such a slacker. I guess that I am taking a summer vacation, literally...although I still seem to fix dinner and do the laundry. It has been very different not having Tibi here, just Landon and us boring old parents. Landon took off last Monday for scout camp all week, just got home this morning, so Kevin and I took a quickie trip to Carlsbad. We went to the beach, did sealings with dad as sealer, went out to dinner with all family adults, and went shopping with Lisa. And did I take even ONE picture....NO! I don't even have a good excuse either. I did happen to snap these two pictures right before we left to come home.

My beautiful sister, Lisa, and me. People are always telling us that we look alike, but even more, SOUND alike. She works at JoAnne's Fabrics and every time I walk in and start talking, the employees all freak out because they can't believe how much we sound alike. I don't get it...

And my lovely mother...she's even beautiful without her makeup on! Too bad I look more like dad. ( He doesn't look so bad without HIS makeup on either!!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Family for the 4th

This year's Nevada summer has kicked into high gear with Lexie and Sharrid and the boys coming to visit. Lexie and the kids have been able to stay all of June and through next week of July while Sharrid has come back and forth a few times for job opportunities. It has been good for both Lexie and the boys, as she is pretty much homebound at home in Arizona without a chance to get out. The boys have also been able to get outside and help feed the chickens and water the garden when the sun goes down at night. We have run errands, gone swimming, played at the park, and then come home to end up like this:
Yesterday Michaela came up with grandpa and grandma on their way up to the cabin. We decided to have our gathering in Logandale this year instead of at the cabin, something we haven't done since the cabin was built. The fireworks are GREAT here, especially for a small town...much better than at the lake, so we are excited for that to happen. Kira and Sean came in late last night. The only ones not here are Connie and Peter and their kids, but I am excited for them because Connie and Peter are going to see "Wicked" tonight in Phoenix! Here's Michaela and Tibi laughing it up...
Marce likes to try his hand at "old school" Nintendo 64 when he gets the chance.
Lexie got on Amazon and found the old "Sweet Valley High" board game that all the girls used to play when they were young. They have even made Landon and Sean, Kira's boyfriend, play - even though they have to be girls in the game (with boyfriends to find!)
Phoenix has been off his regular nap schedule a few times since he has been here. Sean is getting some good practice in in getting him to get his nap, wherever he can get it!
More to come later.....