Sunday, March 21, 2010

Donations and Darlings

People are genuinely good, I have decided. The day after Lexie's article came out in our local newspaper, we received our first donation for her trip to China. I wasn't even going to check the mailbox at the post office (we use post office boxes here in little Logandale) but thought, what the heck, I'll check it today. And there was that first wonderful donation! I had to take a picture of it!! I nearly cried when I held it in my hand. I immediately called Kevin, then Lexie, then bragged about it all day to my family. It was so exciting!! People REALLY care...I think I knew it all the time.
And then here is the cutest primary class in the whole church! I have been teaching Kira's little CTR 5 class since she has been gone for the last 4 weeks. I have fallen in love with these kids SO much that I don't want to give them back. Kira has since decided that she is going to start attending the Singles Branch with Michaela, so they have to find a new teacher for these kids anyway. So why not me?! I'm hoping that our bishop and stake president will allow ME to teach these kids. I'm not sure if a Stake Relief Society President is allowed to, but I gave our ward primary president a list of the three (count them, THREE) dates that I have ward conferences to teach at, meaning I won't be there for those sweet little cherubs, but every other week I could be there. Please, please, let me have them...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quilt for a Cause

For those of you who don't know, our daughter Lexie is gearing up to travel to China to have treatments for her impaired vision. To read her story about her getting to this point, visit her blog at the right of this post entitled "Lexie's ONH Journey." We are in the process of preparing for our first fundraisers, and this quilt will be along for the ride. This is destined to be a raffle item at our upcoming spaghetti dinner in April. This was as rewarding to make as all of those quilts were that I made for my daughters back at Christmas time. This quilt almost has a "spirit" attached to it, because it is for such a personal and precious cause. A cause that, hopefully, will have a happy ending to it. So here's to giving this one away...