Friday, May 29, 2009

Landon's Graduation

Don't get this picture wrong...Landon really IS happy to graduate from middle school and head on up to high school. By the look on his face, you would either think that he hates life right now, or is just really ready to end this school year. Our lives at the middle school are over for good, which is fine, because we will just have to deal with a high school schedule next year with Tibi and Landon as Sophomore and Freshman. Where did all of our years go?

Landon was the only boy to have TWO girls on his arm. It pays to be a "W" sometimes...

Here he is getting his diploma.

Now he just has to get through today's regular schedule of classes, then on to 3 days of finals next week...then he can REALLY smile!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Landon's Last Middle School Concert

Last week Landon finished his middle school events with the Spring Concert. He has become quite the drummer. We had so many people come up to Kevin and me after the concert to tell us how fun he was to watch. He gets his little body taking off with the music, which makes it fun to listen to and him a kick to watch. These videos took forever to finally post, but they are here mostly for his sisters, who hate missing out on his and Tibi's growing up. I tried to post their first number, which was a tribute to cartoon theme songs, but when I woke up this morning, it still hadn't downloaded, so you don't get that one. (I totally forgot about "Animaniacs!") By the way, sorry if you hear an annoying humming sound throughout these, there was a HUGE fan right next to me trying to keep everyone cool. Aarrgghh...

This one is shorter and shows off his "body language!" If you wait long enough, you'll see a couple of great "drum fills."

The last song he played on was "Minnie the Moocher" - a great swing number that gave him time to relax and even talk to Cade next to him. Pretty good multi-tasking, if you ask me!

I'd say he has a pretty good shot at playing in the high school Jazz Band for 3 years like Kira did.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun at the Chappells

Tonight we went to the Chappells for family night. We ended up eating tin foil dinners and making s'mores over the fire outside afterward. Jordan has come up with an incredible adaptation to the "original" S'more by substituting two chocolate chip cookies for the graham crackers. Much better this way. My only regret was not getting a picture of one...
Here's Brad Bledsoe and Michaela out on the swing. Brad has been hanging out with Michaela nearly every day. They have been busy making kites, sitting at the park after dark talking, and watching every episode of "The Office" to catch Brad up on the series.
Paula and me in our orange shirts...that was providential for a coordinating photo, don't you think?And Gregg, the MASTER dishwasher, busy at work.
The other kids were busy playing "Guitar Hero" in the TV room.

Friday, May 15, 2009

First Tomato and ...Corn?

So, our garden is doing pretty good, especially for having to survive the heat of Nevada, and we get our first tomato...and who picks it? KEVIN. What's up with that?! I'M the one that waters it, babies it, feeds it, and HE ends up picking the first tomato that I was going to pick the very next day. Oh well, I guess I can pick the 2nd one, and 3rd one, and ...
And get a load of this, we have a stowaway! Somewhere this little corn plant snuck it's way into our garden. Funny, huh? We'll see what comes of it. Who knows, maybe we'll be eating corn with our tomatoes!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Growing Up

Every one seems to be growing up around here. The chickens, the babies, MOM. Well, the chickens can grow all they want to, the kids....I expect that of THEM, but mom can slow down just a little bit on the growing thing. Today is my birthday, another year older, not bad...just another year older. The good thing about being 51 is that you have a lot of things to show for it. Other than that, I'm looking at it as just another day. You know, laundry, dinner, the regular stuff. I did get to go to Quilting Day with the Relief Society women to start my new quilt this morning. Other than that, I taught my three piano lessons, visited a ward's Enrichment Night, and got to bed late. Oh well, tomorrow is another day...
(Not good for trying to get my weight down. Thanks Gregg!) He doesn't know how to buy 1 pounders...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbyes and Gobblers

For those of you who have ever lived in Moapa Valley, we are losing an icon...Mrs. Kim Delgadillo, our high school band and orchestra teacher (Ms. D) is finally retiring from her position at the school to take the counselor position at the middle school. She has been directing the band and orchestra at the high school for 25 years! She said that she is starting to teach the children of kids she taught years ago. She has meant so much to not only the school, but to the community, and mostly to my big girls, as they are former "pirates". Kira, Lexie, and Michaela went through the band program under Ms. D's wings, Kira playing in the not only the band, but in Jazz Band for three years. Lexie almost idolizes her, as she had made a huge difference in her surviving high school as a legally blind student. Michaela then, and Tibi now have loved being taught by her too. My only sadness is that Landon will not get the opportunity to have a wonderful experience with her. As the principal said last night in his tribute, "She didn't teach band, she taught people." Here are all of the bands playing what has become our signature song, in honor of her, from "Pirates of the Caribbean". It was wonderfully loud! The kind of loud that sends chills up your back...

The chickens are getting bigger by the day. They love to eat scraps, except for citrus. They especially love any kind of lettuce and meat. They are finally getting used to my voice and coming around me more often. The rest of the family is not in the "circle" yet. Their loss!