Saturday, October 23, 2010


From this...(and I would call that "holding" in my book)
to this...
This whole week the kids have been involved in Homecoming activities. Float making, powderpuff football, movie in the cafeteria (instead of the football field this year because of lightening), football games, and the Homecoming parade all happened on different days (although float making happened on EVERY day). Tonight is the end of the festivities, with the dance finishing up the long list of fun they have been having. And boy, am I tired! It has been a week of late nights, early mornings, missed Seminary, and Kira moving to back to Utah. This year for Homecoming, they decided to make the dance a semi-formal event, instead of having it after the Varsity football game. I, for one, thought that this was a better idea, as "dress up"dances are always better than "jeans and t-shirt" dances...

I wish I would have taken a back shot of Tibi's hair. It was beautiful. Michaela was a trooper and hung around to do it for her. She sacrificed her OWN fun night for her sister. Tibi owes her...

Here's Tibi with her date for the day, Brendan Watkins. He's a cross-country running buddy, and a very nice boy. They look pretty festive in their orange and black!

Landon took off to the dance also, but didn't want his picture taken, even though I thought he looked like a dreamboat! He went to boogie with all the girls who were too young to have a date. Man, I'd love to sleep in tomorrow, but it's off to choir practice at 9 a.m. instead. Maybe I'll get a Sunday nap for once. I usually don't need one. Tomorrow may be a different story...

Friday, October 15, 2010

One Big Head!

This last week has been a doozie! Lexie and her two boys AND cousin, Karena, and her three boys came for a visit and a list of things to do when they got here. Karena brought her very first quilt she made with her to be quilted by a valley quilter (thanks Pat!) and Lexie brought her composed songs to have strings added. That was the easy part, although my brain was fried by the time we were done composing. It was all those cute little boys and the noises they made, the messes they made, and the running and getting hurt (including feelings) they ended up with. Well, they all left today (hense, no blogging for a week) and it is quiet...a little too quiet. Dad, Landon, and Tibi are at the varsity football game in Vegas tonight, which I was way too tired to even consider going to. Kira and Michaela are over at a house painting the theater room walls, and I am here by myself. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE being by myself every once in a while, but especially tonight. By the way, I just got my phone call (mandatory) letting me know that Lexie made it home alright. I can now enjoy the rest of my lonely night! In all of the boy's roughhousing, this is the last (I think) thing that happened before they were about to head home. This big head of Phoenix's...

did this to my table! The craziest thing is that he never cried. That kid has one big head!! So the table glass is gone until a new one can be ordered and the meantime, if we're not paying enough attention, our glass of water will end up on the floor through any one of those holes!
(I still can't believe that a 2 year old's head could break 1/4" glass)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Night Singing

Today was a big day. We spent the day with our good friends, the Chappells, because of Britney and Chad's little baby girl's blessing. After going to their 9 a.m. Sacrament Meeting, we headed over to their house for a luncheon and some hanging out - mostly cuddling with that cute little baby Kembrie. After we finally got home, had dinner, settled in, put some kids to bed, we sat around and did this:

It was a blast, brought back memories, and even gave us all a chance to hear Kira's song she wrote. I have some pretty talented kids, if I say so myself! (and dad's a great listener himself :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


It is October 4th, and it is finally cooling off. We got dumped on today. Not quite sure which way it was coming from. At times it was heading in from the north, then later it was coming from California. Actually, I don't care where it comes from, as long as it comes - and come it did! All day! What a great day it has been...

It was a day of homemade bread and a yummy pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. We've waited all summer to have a dinner like this!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

General Conference Loves

As the men and boys are off to General Priesthood Meeting, I have decided to use my time wisely and blog, since I am overdue - and it's better than watching TV, which I don't really like to do anyway. I have been reading Mockingjay the last few days and need to finish it, but I rarely get the computer to myself for an extended, uninterrupted amount of time, so I thought that now is the best time for that.
There are so many things I love about General Conference. First of all, when conference is in October, that means that our weather is finally changing, and today is a day of change. It is still warm outside, but we are having dark clouds that look like they could either flash with lightening and thunder, or could dump on us at any time. I love this season, for SO many reasons. Right now I have a new pumpkin recipe cooling on the counter. There's one reason. I also love the new autumn candles that are burning in my home. The smells of fall are the best! I also love that I can sleep with my windows open. (For those of you in Utah, you will not understand this)
I am also grateful for many things today. I'm thankful for a husband that takes our son to General Priesthood meeting, that they both go together out of habit, and not because they should be there. That is such a blessing in MY life. I am grateful to hear our sweet prophet speak, as well as other general authorities that I respect so much. I am thankful for the talks of encouragement, the moments that make us all laugh, and the tender times when I tear up. Conference brings out everything in me, and I am grateful most of all, that my family is right there experiencing those same things with me.