Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day Parade

The Veterans Day Parade in Moapa Valley is always a big deal and has been for years. The kids marched in the HS band again this year, and Kevin even made it on a "float" representing the Clark County Fair, which he is the manager of. The weather was perfect and Tibi and Landon had the day off from school. It seems to me that the parade now-a-days is not what it used to be. This year we only had one band (no middle school anything this year), only HS cheerleaders, some gymnasts, 1 float (thanks to Inside Scoop, our local ice cream shop), Folklorico dancers, and about 3 horses, and then a lot of worthless advertising and cars. Maybe I'm just getting tired of the same old stuff, or the parade in general. All I know is that Kevin and I were talking all the way home about all the changes we would make to the parade to make it better. That's pretty pathetic... Maybe I just miss having all of my kids in the parade doing their different things and having two babies on my lap or out gathering candy. I had to watch the parade by myself this year. Not so fun, even at a parade.

You might have missed seeing the kids in the video. I had a hard time finding them when I was filming. Tibi almost gets cut off at the beginning and Landon is right in the middle after her. You'd think without the two babies I could have done this...guess not. Kevin is 2nd from left...another hard to see picture. I told you this wasn't the best parade we've had.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009

Okay, so I have been waiting for Kira to post these Halloween pictures, but I'm tired of waiting and Lexie's been asking for them, so here they are:

Kira as Catwoman (gotta love Walmart's Hannah Montana section!)That is one scary chick on the left - Landon's take on a dead prom queen. He doesn't make a very good looking girl, but Kira couldn't believe how much he looked like her!

Getting 'her' hair fixed.

Michaela and Marc came up for the holidays, but they had been golfing all day Halloween day and got home too late to dress up. Bummer, because Michaela's outfit was rad!! Click here to see her.
We ended up at the Chappell's house for fun, food, and a good laugh watching "Mystery Science Theater." Better any day than watching some stupid, scary movie that will give us nightmares. One year we watched "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" with Don Knotts. That's the next best thing to watching "Mystery Science Theater." Here's Chad (Britney's husband), Parker, and Ashley (their foreign exchange gal)