Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Viva Las Vegas
marc and i spent the weekend at home and in las vegas.
it was marc's first time going to the strip.
here are a few pictures from the weekend.
sorry they are pretty blurry.
marc in front of the new york new york skyline

marc and me
marc really liked the paris
hanging out at home

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Vicki with Susan Leavitt (Ron Leavitt's wife). The first time Kevin stopped to visit Ron after we were married we discovered that Ron had married a girl that Vicki knew from the same dorm at BYU. We consider them great friends!

35 years later...we still have some hair... albeit grey! Ron Leavitt and Kevin.
Kevin participating in the 'Dixie High' trivia game.
The classmates that were in attendance: there were about 205 in the 1973 Dixie High graduating class.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


One of Landon's dreams came true while we were in Utah visiting Kira and Michaela. His dad took him to a BYU game in the Lavell Edwards Stadium. He has been to BYU games in the past, but never in the stadium in Provo. He was kept from the secret surprise until we got up there the night before. Michaela had a friend that could get 2 tickets for her, so Landon loves his big sister even more now! The weather was a little warm for Utah, but that didn't stop Landon from having a great time with his dad and the cougar team!
The team heading into the locker room after warming up on the field. Kevin and Landon wanted to get there in time to watch them do their warm-ups.
Two happy boys!
There's nothing like seeing the "Y" around Provo.
BYU won the game, which is always a bonus. I'm sure that just being there was good enough, but Landon likes his teams to win. So does dad. Yay for football!


We got back from Utah in time for Tibi to get to her soccer practice at 5 p.m. If she wasn't at practice, she couldn't play in the next day's game. I am not a soccer scholar, but I DO know that she plays forward on the field. She seems to be enjoying it, it is hard work, a lot of running, but she ended up playing in more of the match than she thought she would and did a great job. They played Faith Lutheran from Vegas, which is a school that plays year round and can recruit from other schools, so we got beat our first match by about 8 scores. Tibi's coach told them that they played real good for a first match. Tibi is #18.
Tibi in action. She held her own against these Vegas girls.
I love this shot of her!
Half time break. They drink, eat oranges and grapes to build up their protein, and get a pep talk from their coach. For you Moapa girls, Tayna Houston Holmstead is the coach of the girls squad.