Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Tonight we spent our time up at the high school for our yearly homecoming parade and assembly. Tibi was chosen by her classmates to be their Sophomore Princess. She asked her best buddy friend, Parker Chappell, to be her escort. They looked radiant in their formal attire, thanks to the tux shop and big sister Michaela's prom dress. Here are the snapshots and video of the night, again for big sisters who missed out on the festivities.
Landon was chosen by his bandmates to play the quads this year in the parade, which is almost unheard of as a freshman.

Tibi came by next on their class float. The weather was colder than it's probably ever been for a homecoming parade, with wind thrown in for good measure...

After the parade, we headed into the gym for the assembly where they crown the Homecoming Queen. They introduce the underclass princesses and escorts too. Here's Tibi and Parker. They made such a cute pair. (I told Parker earlier that he wasn't allowed to look better than Tibi! He's cutting it a little too close.)

Landon playing the quads in the band. He's following in his two big sister's footsteps. Very cool...

These are some "after" pictures, just random, fun ones.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sometimes I Surprise Myself...

All I can say is "WOW!!" I've never considered myself to be a "sell yourself short" kind of gal, but today I proved myself wrong. This morning after dropping the kids off for Seminary and getting a few things done, I decided to tackle a run by myself. Kira has started working now during the day and has to leave at 7 a.m. which makes our morning runs impossible. We ran a few times at night, which is very foreign for me since I am a morning workout person, but with all of us getting sick at different times and lasting longer than some, our nights have been crazy, to say the least. So after not running for 6 days, I donned my workout clothes, and trecked it outside. I had originally decided to just try a 1 mile run, since this was going to be my first time without Kira. I started running up Whipple (the hardest part for me) and thought, "This isn't so bad, and not hurting at all" so kept going. I ended up running the whole 2 miles without stopping! I couldn't believe it... All this time I've been weiny-ing out and telling myself that I would "never get there", meaning that I would never get to that point of running on auto-pilot someday. Well, here's a HUGE high five from me to me. What a great way to start off the day...

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today was a long day, a day after almost everyone was sick yesterday, and we are ready to go to bed. So we grab a couple of Disney books off the shelf and head into bed with our blankets to read. One grandbaby goes one way with Tibi, and the other goes another way with grandpa. And Kira heads off to help Landon with a plan for a school project. Man, it's good to have her home...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Quick Trip to the Cabin

This last Thursday, we were able to take a quick trip up to the cabin, thanks to Kira being home to watch Tibi and Landon and get them off to school. She was kind enough to run things here at home while Kevin and I headed up the mountain to spend the night and have some fun with some of the family. The guys are in the process of building a bunk house next to the cabin that will end up sleeping 21 extra people when it is finished. Of course, the women go just for the cool weather and relaxation, so we naturally wanted to be a part of that...

Here's just hanging out around the cabin. The temperature outside was a wonderfully brisk 40-45 degrees.
More hangin' out...
We took off on the 4-wheelers when we got there and spent about 3 hours out in the countryside checking out the fall leaves and getting dirty. Here's Kevin looking like a 13 year old!

We got pretty high up on the mountain and got to a place where we could see the whole valley. That reservoir WAY DOWN there was our destination.

Getting ready to roll after a bathroom break...

Heading down the trail.
Way up there!
Checking things out. (nice pose, Chris!)
Parowan valley, WAY DOWN there...
This was hard to film bouncing all over the place, but this was heading back up.
We spent the night rooming with Scott and Yvette and laughed ourselves to sleep. Chris and Debbie's whole family ended up trickling in one at a time all through the night until around 2:30 a.m. After a yummy breakfast, we took off for home by way of Lincoln County, Nevada so Kevin could do a few appraisals and a not-so-quick project in Alamo, just getting us home in time for the BYU-Utah State game. GO COUGARS!!