Monday, November 28, 2011

Willard Thanksgiving 2011

Hold on to your hats because this is going to be a long one. Thanksgiving time is Willard Reunion time at our house (along with all the other Willards), which means we head off to St. George on Wednesday afternoon for a fun-filled weekend of playing, eating, picnic-ing, and staying up WAY too late laughing and playing games. Every year we stay at Randy and Penny's house in Santa Clara (Kevin's just older brother) and frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way. Our kids have grown up together, although most of them are married now with little families of their own. Penny is so good to keep our family, all of us which makes about 16 of us, plus a few other families too. We owe her BIG TIME after every Thanksgiving weekend. We usually pay her back in either cereal or treats and goodies that only stay at her house :)

Here are the kids playing a mean game of popcorn on her tramp. They used to do this at our house when they were all younger (and before our trampoline broke.)

The little ones were happy to just play in the green sand...

Next day...forgot to take pictures at our annual breakfast at the church, which includes a yummy, warm breakfast, and a wild game of "Bump Out" on the basketball court. Here is Connie and two of her kids waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mmmm boy!! (The best part of the dinner are the paper plates...)

...because every year it's the teenagers that do the dishes after dinner.

After dinner, we snuck off and went to see our dear friend Carla, who we miss terribly at our festivities. It was SO good to see her and get a long-awaited hug from her.

Next day... the crowd gathered to go on a hike before heading to the park for lunch.

The kids LOVE going to the park because they finally get to do something that they LOVE to do (and they can be as noisy as they want to be.)

Look at those lovely colors on that nasty punch :)

The annual "Tibi and Tibi" picture. I think we forgot to get one of these last year...

That afternoon we headed over to "Uncle Bob's" for a fun carnival set up in their backyard. Marce was pretty excited about the marshmallow shooters!

They even had a fishing booth... (I guess you didn't have to be a "kid" to enjoy this carnival:)

All of Connie's kids wanted their face painted. Of course, Eden wanted a pink heart...

Levi gets an artist's version of the "Joker" on his cheek. Kira made good with what he wanted it to look like. Jonah had a cute sun on his...

Saying goodbye on Saturday morning. Now it's back to school, teaching Seminary, and work till we get to do it again next year. Thanks Penny! (...and Randy)