Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better Late than Never . . . HAPPY EASTER!!

We can't have Easter without at least coloring eggs, thanks to Michaela and Tibi. We ended up not even being home on Easter Sunday. We went up to St. George for a cousin's missionary farewell, so hence, no candy this year. That was a first. The kids didn't seem to mind though, they would rather color eggs than anything.

Friday, March 14, 2008

50 MORE THINGS (I hope!)

1. "Cars" is my favorite Disney/Pixar movie.
2. When I eat BBQ chips, I only eat the curled (folded over) ones.
3. I LOVE trying new recipes, especially dessert ones.
4. There's nothing better than going for a walk and breathing in a big breath of fresh air.
5. I get a lot of compliments on how my shoes always match my dress.
6. When I eat popcorn, I eat it one kernal at a time. (hate greasy hands)
7. I sing tenor in Relief Society.
8. I am not very good at math, and actually don't care.
9. I love to take pictures. Mostly so I can scrapbook them. It's a legacy to me.
10. I hate having stray hairs hanging down my arms. It tickles.
11. I still am not used to the hot heat of Nevada summers and want to leave every year.
12. A Denali would probably be my dream car. (Big enough for kids and babies.)
13. My sun-dried tomato pesto penne pasta is probably one of my favorite things to eat. (With sourdough toast!)
14. I taught Seminary in Dallas when I was 23.
15. I was planning of going on a signing mission, but met Kevin instead.
16. Kevin stayed at my family's house when he was on his mission. (I was gone to BYU)
17. I will never have a flat stomach.
18. I love snow. I think it's beautiful when it's untouched.
19. If anything ever happened to Kevin, I would finish raising my kids, then go on a mission.
20. I do not allow sagging in my house. (Pants, not skin)
21.I am a very scatter-brained person. (ask my mother)
22. I am a candle burning mama and cannot get enough of them.
23. I also have been known to own almost every scent of Victoria Secret body spray and lotion at different times.
24. I could go almost anywhere by myself and be happy, (Disneyland, shopping, road trip, etc.)
25. I am not very good with names, but awesome with numbers. (remembering phone #'s, etc)
26. I am computer illiterate.
27. I hardly ever get sick.
28. I actually don't mind doing laundry and dishes.
29. I used to be judgemental, but finally decided I had no right to be.
30. I absolutely HATE gossip.
31. I love how my kids (all of them) have never really outgrown kid toys.
32. I cheered in middle school, but could never do the splits.
33. I once went boogie boarding, and ended up topless!
34. I ALWAYS blow into my glasses and cups before I use them.
35. My children have decided that I say some quirky things (mom-isms)
36. I am not a phone person. I wish I was better at it. I get it from my dad.
37. There have been times when I actually felt love for the person driving next to me.
38. Having a bunch of daughters is the best. They are my best girlfriends.
39. Having one boy trying to do it all and being so passionate about it is just as much fun.
40. My hands look MUCH better with long nails. (short, fat fingers and wrinkly skin don't help)
41. Autumn is my favorite season because of the crisp nights and beautiful colors.
42. My hair is naturally curly.
43. I have to dye my eyebrows every week because they are blonde.
44. I make brownies when the kids aren't around so I can lick the bowl and spoon.
45. There's nothing better than a good drum beat and a great electric bass line in a song.
46. I wish I had prettier knees and feet.
47. My favorite cereal is Frosted Mini-Wheats.
48. I really don't like anything on my ice cream except for Magic Shell. I like the crunch.
49. My eyes are getting pretty bad.
50. I wore braces from 7th grade till my senior picture was taken. (6 years, headgear and all!)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

100 things about Michaela
(by Michaela)

1. My favorite food is bananas.
2. I'm really cool.
3. I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday.
4. I hate freezer food. It's not food.
5. I'm not afraid of the ocean or things in it.
6. I'm not afraid of heights.
7. I'm really not afraid of anything for the most part... except wind... weird, I know.
8. I love reading talks by the General Authorities.
9. I hate when people talk about their finances in front of others. I think that's totally taboo.
10. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of person. I probably always will be. I really don't think I'll ever dress mom-ish.
11. I'm stoked to move soon, but I'm grieved to leave Tibi and Landon. I'll miss them.
12. Ice-cream is, hands down, my favorite dessert.
13. I love slacklining and hope to become a slacklining wizard.
14. Thanks to Connie and Kira I was raised on the Beatles. I love the Beatles.
15. I once took 2nd place in an "ESPN scene it" game against six guys. They were impressed.
16. My girl friends in HS always made fun of me for liking golf enough to watch it on TV.
17. I don't really have "guilty pleasures". I own whatever I like with pride. It doesn't embarrass me.
18. I absolutely loathe cartoon commercials that are for "big people". i.e. esurance, charles schwab, etc.
19. I've never gotten a ticket.
20. I'd say I used to be a pretty picky eater, but the only things that I still really don't like are... potato chips, bacon, beans, bagels, and mushrooms.
21. Although I like the taste, I don't drink soda or carbonated beverages, with the exception of sparkling juice and Perrier. (and only on rare occasions)
22. I absolutely love anatomy and medical terminology.
23. I'm a nerd.
24. I was captain of the cheerleaders my senior year of HS. I loved cheering.
25. Michael Buble' and Zach Braff are my celeb lovers.
26. I'm obsessed with the movie "Garden State". (clean flicks :)
27. I love BYU.
28. I love urban slang and lingo.
29. I love stereotypes. They're funny. (I'm allowed to say that. Refer to #24.) I also love anything cliche. It's funny.
30. I love photography and developing my own pics. I plan/hope to have my own little darkroom someday.
31. I could pour over maps all day.
32. I really love trees.
33. I hate desert landscape.
34. I'd be completely content if Nevada was erased off of maps.
35. I loved growing up with 5 siblings, and I love the idea of a big family.
36. I want to serve missions with my eternal comp.
37. I defy anyone to label me as shallow or superficial.
38. I'm a horrible speller.
39. I hate eating breakfast and I don't, even though I know I should.
40. I'm most productive at night.
41. When I was little I wanted to be a nurse... then a graphic designer... then a nurse... then a photographer... then a nurse... then I didn't know... then a nurse... then a surgical technician... then a nurse... then a dance teacher... then a chiropractor... and now a nurse. I'm going to stick with nurse. I feel confident and happy about it.
42. I love my scrubs.
43. I have more fun hanging out with a group of guys than I do a group of girls.
44. I have to floss my teeth.
45. I hate using a purse and I avoid it as much as possible.
46. Google rocks my world. Genius.
47. One of my favorite hymns is "Be Still; My Soul". (with only men singing.)
48. I used to keep a list of places I wanted to go, but there were way too many to keep writing down... I think I'll start making a list of places that I don't care to go to. (if I can think of any)
49. I love things/people that live a prep lifestyle. I mean true prep. WASP and old money.
50. I've seen 14 temples, and have been inside 5 of the 14.
51. I enjoy the company of cool nerds.
52. I plan/hope to have a cabin someday. I once saw, while snowboarding, a family skiing together. The father called to his children, "I'm going to head on home. I'll see you guys in a while." He then proceeded to straight up ski to his front door. Too sick. It's now one of my dreams to have a cabin as such.
53. Someday I want to have a Siberian Husky. (probably when I live in a cabin.)
54. I consider Carlsbad/Oceanside my home away from home.
55. I'm a completely different person than I was in HS.
56. There are some places that I'd like to live someday for a minute- SF, NYC, Boston, England, France, Some place down by the Mediterranean, etc.
57. I usually hate when someone is a spaz about everything.
58. I don't like cats.
59. I don't know of anything that I'm allergic to... so I'll probably die in some freak, allergic reaction accident.
60. I'm a bit obsessed with foreign people. Their style, accent, etc. Especially Europeans.
61. I could never date a guy who likes Nascar.
62. I love being comfy and wearing hoodies.
63. I think climbing, slacklining, kayaking, backpacking, soccer playing, lacrosse playing, golfing, surfing, sailing, tennis playing, outdoors living and loving guys are hot.
64. I don't like the idea of hunting.
65. I hate myspace/facebook and anything like unto it. I'll never have one. It's completely pointless.
66. I'll never drive a minivan.
67. One of my dream cars is a Land Rover Hybrid. (they're still working on making one though.)

68. I'm a volcom scout, I believe in the phrase- take only pictures, leave only footprints.
69. I hate nail polish, including manicures and pedicures.
70. I hate having long fingernails... but I like growing my toenails out a bit.
71. I'm emotional. But I'm not emo.
72. I'm picky about men's dress clothes. Men's dress clothes are a very important matter.
73. For the most part, I think mustaches are for pedophiles. How many non-creepy people do you know that sport a mustache?
74. I feel totally confident when I rock socks with sandals.
75. I wish I weren't attached to my mobile.
76. I wear a fitted toe ring.
77. I have no desire to have a wedding reception when/if I get married.
78. My favorite color is navy blue. Any other shade of blue is probably a close second.
79. I love milk. I buy Horizon organic milk. It's phenomenal.
80. I like driving with the windows down, but I usually don't because of the drag/mileage.
81. I hate the idea of spoiling someone.
82. I've never kept a journal until this year. It's one of my "New Year" goals.
83. I like to be surrounded by brilliant people. Unintelligent people kill me.
84. I like snow.
85. I find it hard to see beauty in the desert. My bad.
86. I took French for two years in HS.
87. Je suis fatigue.
88. I can sort of play the following... piano, trumpet, drum set, and sort of, but not really the guitar.
89. Anal people kind of drive me crazy sometimes.
90. I don't wear socks with my slip-on vans or top-siders.
91. I tend to date guys with green eyes.
92. My mother is such a dove. You should be jealous.
93. I hate being lied to.
94. People describe me as adventurous, and I like that.
95. I like dancing and singing.
96. I've always wanted to learn how to surf.
97. I think it would be awesome to scuba dive.
98. Most of my dishes are bowls... cereal and ice-cream.
99. My dad can't beat up your dad, and I love that.
100. I love when people ask me for help with a computer/electronic gizmo. I'm technologically savvy enough to always be able to help.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


1. Eating is one of my favorite things to do.
2. I didn't develop a taste for raisins until just last year. (I've hated them forever)
3. I never get offended by others (except for probably Kevin)
4. My least favorite Beatles song is "Yellow Submarine." (It's stupid)
5. I don't read adult novels. (You never know what you're going to get)
6. I LOVE dark chocolate.
7. I don't eat milk chocolate much anymore unless it's in a dessert. (No candy bars, etc.)
8. Doing bathrooms is my least favorite chore.
9. My goal is to be more fit than I've ever been by my 50th birthday (May 12th)
10. I'm not one of those moms that couldn't wait for the kids to leave home. (I miss having them around.)
11. If I could change anything on my body it would be my chin. (Too Jay Leno-ish to me)
12. If I could have any procedure done on me it would be to get rid of my spider veins on my legs. ( 8 different places, yikes!)
13. I have been playing the piano since I was 7.
14. I played for Primary when I was 12.
15. I played the organ in church by the time I was 16.
16. I starred in a tri-city production of "The Sound of Music" and played the part of Gretl.
(I still remember most of my lines!)
17. I never got any parts in my HS plays because they always needed me on the piano in the orchestra. (still a bummer to me)
18. I sang in Las Vegas at "Arizona Charlie's" casino for about a year every Monday night after Monday Night Football.
19. Tags hanging out of people's shirts is one of my biggest pet peeves.
20. Another one is when people drive 15 mph through a school zone when the sign says they don't have too. (This one will freak Connie out, I know)
21. I never liked pickles growing up, but have been eating them for quite a while. Still don't like sweet ones. Yuck!
22. Fritos are my favorite chips.
23. I don't watch hardly any TV, it's a waste of time and mostly crap.
24. I'm very picky about what DVDs I buy.
25. Amy Grant is one of my favorite people. (Great voice, good songs, good person)
26. I fell in love with Kevin the first night we were together.
27. My mom and dad are my heroes. (dad because he never says anything bad about anyone and mom because she is so young hearted even though she has to put up with her achy body)
28. I truly am grateful that we have never had more than enough money all these years. It has made our children better people.
29. My children are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
30. I have a VERY HIGH pain tolerance.
31. My greatest fear has been that one of my kids or grandkids were abducted.
32. I HATE to fly.
33. I LOVE road trips.
34. I can pretty much sit down and sightread anything on the piano.
35. That being said, classical music is probably the hardest to play. (too fast)
36. I do not like to "rock the boat."
37. I am way too much of an agreeing person. (I'm trying to work on this one)
38. I just got called to be Stake Relief Society President on Feb.14. (Nice Valentine's present)
39. I love gardens (flower and vegetable)
40. I would rather go to a lush, green tropical place than a historic, ruins type of place.
41. I have been listening to Carpenters music since I was 12 (when they started out)
42. I probably sound more like Karen Carpenter than any other artist.
43. The only book I've read so far that I could not put down was Sheri Dew's book on Pres. Hinckley, "Go Forward in Faith."
44. Two of my favorite songs are "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies, and "Bus Stop" by the Hollies.
45. I have never had to work outside the home since my first child was born. (Thank you Kevin)
46. I have always been blessed with a good self-esteem. I'm okay with myself and actually don't really care what people think of me.
47. I am a very forgettful person.
48. I am afraid to dye my hair and probably never will.
49. I wish that I tanned better than I do.

50. I have music playing in the house every day.


"Let's see what these bigger than us guys can do"
"I'm still thinking . ."
"Hey, give the ball to me!"
Landon is finishing up his season of middle school basketball with his last games before Little League baseball starts. He has already had a baseball practice (with dad as his coach, of course) and still has two basketball games to go. He loves to be playing ANY kind of game (preferably with a ball) and has pretty good skill for such a little guy. Hope that he can make it through this week!