Monday, January 17, 2011

Letting Go

We haven't had "sisters" in our area for quite awhile, so when they were assigned out here in Moapa Valley again, we were pretty excited. We love the Elders, but there's just something about sisters - for one, they get to be hugged, which is a plus for any mother or girl, and there's just a bond that you develop with them. Maybe it's a "mother/daughter" sort of thing...I don't know. All I know, is that they have pulled sisters out of our area again, after only 4 months, so these girls BOTH have to leave. We had them over for a last dinner before they pack their bags and head out tomorrow. It has been such a blessing to have Kevin as the Ward Mission Leader, and to also have Tibi, and especially Michaela, around to go out with these girls on appointments and visits. So goodbye girls, until you come back and visit us again (after July when they go home - THEY PROMISED!!) We love them like they were our own. I'm actually surprised these pictures turned out - we had all been crying!

Sister Drussell, Tibi, and Sister Gonzalez

On a happier note - we have had some pretty awesome sunrises and sunsets lately. I witnessed this beauty out my window after the kids left for Seminary one morning.

Thank goodness for beautiful things when your heart is breaking...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Someone Else's Project Done...

This post is for Michaela. This project is actually FROM Michaela, and Michaela gets all the credit for it. She has had this quilt project in the works for about 3 years and can finally say that it is done. She has left for BYU-I, will start a new adventure of being a college student, and would not have had the time or means to finish this quilt for her dad. So after she left, and I had a nice long New Year Day week to have some time for things like this...I decided to finish up this quilt for her. She actually did the hardest part - she cut all of the denim out of jeans, sewed the squares together to make the top, cut and sewed the back together (except for one seam), and had it all ready to put together. So I sandwiched it together, tied it, and bound it all in one day. So Happy New Year Michaela...(and dad, too!)