Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday School...?

Okay...this is not your typical Sunday activity, but we ARE together as a family, and there was some learning going on too :) Kira came down for a few days (on her way to a CA and AZ roadtrip), Lexie and Michaela are living at home (for the moment), and they all have been wanting Landon to teach them all about the college football conferences, mascots, team colors, and venues. If anybody knows this's Landon. This kid just soaks this knowledge up. His dad has thrown quite a few tidbits in there too, so between the two of them, the girls are coming away with a pretty good knowledge of this very important information :) So now we are all ready to get into ALL college football games, whether we like them or not. If the conferences would leave each other alone, not change everything up, and keep teams where they've been, it would have been a lot easier to keep these things straight. Oh well....on with the pigskin playing!