Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas was good to us this year...the kids were surprised, the family was all together (eventually), and we survived the grandchildren's excitement, which translates into screaming, running, and all talking together at the top of their lungs! (wonder where they got THAT from...)
Here is Michaela with her "college" stash of goodies to get her started on her new adventure of heading up to BYU-I. Kira got herself the same stash...
Mom (au natural) with what she has wanted for a very long time, but never really asked for - her total body gym. I was definitely surprised with this one, as I had only mentioned it once in passing to Kevin. What a guy! He DOES listen after all...
The four kids pooled their money and got Kevin and I some beautiful artwork from Deseret Book. We love getting things like this that makes our house even more home-y. (Thanks Kira, Michaela, Tibi and Landon)
I think Tibi and Landon were to most surprised this year. They each got cellphones that mom told them they would NEVER get. They have proved themselves pretty responsible, and actually, WE need to know where they are now that their lives are so crazy busy! So all I can blame is myself for this gift. They are happy though, and I suppose that's what really counts. (Not that I believe gadgets is what makes us happy...okay, you see my mental dilemna with all this -)
Then it was our annual breakfast with the Chappells, and then packed up and headed over that lovely new bridge over Hoover Dam to Arizona to see our other kids and grandkids. (I swear we saved at least an hour getting there!)
Opening their new pajamas from grandma.
After sewing for 5 boys, it sure is nice to get to throw together a nightgown for a sweet little girl!
All the girls (including little Eden)

Opening our name exchange gifts. Kira was pretty excited about her "Beatles" glasses. (She's secretly in love with Paul) This year grandpa and grandma got different family gifts for the grandkids. Connie's kids got a large floor puzzle, and Lexie's boys got a huge floor roadmap for their cars. This way, the kids can go play at each other's house and have something different to play with. ( Grandma and Grandpa are getting pretty smart!)

All five grandkids (next Christmas we will have our sixth!) Lexie and Shar are due with another boy in May. After having all those girls myself, we never thought we'd end up with so many boys. Little Eden needs a girl cousin someday. She may be waiting for a while by the looks of it...

Until next year...Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

'Tis the Season!

With the weather turning cold early this year, it only seemed fitting to get-a-move-on and get our lights up and decorate the tree. This is probably the earliest we have done this for a few years, although we always have good intentions. It's always the kids who get "ants in their pants" in regards to getting things done in a timely manner. Actually, Michaela is the biggest culprit (and I mean that in the nicest way!) She is the "Christmas Guardian Angel" - for everyone! Here she is helping dad string the lights on the house. (Dad's around the corner on the ladder)
This year the biggest problem was trying to find a night when everyone was home to decorate the tree. Between Landon's basketball games, and Michaela working till 10 at night most nights, it ended up being Saturday night for it to happen. And it's only December 4th! Yay for us...
The kid's favorite ornaments, by far, are the ones that Grandma and Grandpa Packard gave us through the years when he was a congressman back in Washington D.C. They each pick out their stash of White House ornaments to put up and place them where they want them. Of course, they all have an opinion on where they all should go!

Michaela putting the "star" on the tree. We have never had a real star, but this big bow has become a cool tradition. They won't let me buy a star - I know, because I've tried to and I get shot down every year. I'm okay with it though because this is how it should be...

Kevin picked up this little 6 footer last year to put in our front window. My kids think it reminds them of Target because it's red and white. They don't want any other ornaments on it. At night it looks pretty celestial, it's so bright.