Monday, June 18, 2012

Front Page News

If you know anything about our little valley's paper, The Progress - you know that ANY news is big news. Well, graduation is evidently the biggest news of the week because this is what landed on the front page this week. Big, bold, and in color - Tibi and three of her friends celebrating the big night. Just thought you might like to know...

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Last Days

This girl has just spent her last days at Moapa Valley High School. She is officially graduated, as of tonight. It's hard to believe that she is old enough to be leaving home. Thank goodness that won't happen till September - but then it's off to Rexburg, Idaho to go to school with her big sister Michaela. It seems like yesterday when I had this fifth daughter. Time goes by too fast...
Tibi and Landon have done everything together. Well...not everything - but they have been there for each other since they can remember. That's what happens when you are almost exactly a year apart. Even though they are different in so many ways, they really are best friends. They will miss each other terribly when it's time to say goodbye for the first time.

All grown up...

Tibi with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hardy.

Landon will graduate next year and then Kevin and I find out how much we really do like each other :) Life has been so rich, so lovely having all of our children in our home. I'm not too excited about them all being gone eventually, although I think that God makes things all better by allowing grandchildren to come into your life. Otherwise, life would be pretty boring...

Every once in a while, people are blessed to find a real, true friend that they can count on for anything. Tibi found that in Mady. They have been best friends since they were born and lived next door to each other. Mady will be going to BYU in Provo and Tibi heads off to Rexburg. This will be the first time these two have not been together. They have been so good for each other, and will keep in touch for life, I'm sure.

With the school year ended, Landon spent the last days of it playing baseball for the varsity team. He is a lefty batter - which is almost as cool as Paul McCartney being a lefty on the bass guitar :) There's just something about a lefty that looks pretty awesome.

Tibi went to her last Prom this year, and Landon has one more to go. They of course went with different dates, but we had to get a picture of them together anyway.

I've decided I might want to spend my "last days" at our family cabin at Panguich Lake. We were able to get away for Memorial Day weekend for a quick getaway for some relaxation, and can I just say that it was so nice to just hang out doing whatever I felt like doing. We played games, ate, and just relaxed with no schedule, no phones, no errands to run - just relaxing. My sister had said while we were there that being at the cabin reminded her of being in the temple. That's about as close a description as I could give it too.

Kevin made us look at him for a smiley picture. We had been in deep thought so it threw us off our groove :) Here's two of my sisters, Debbie and Theresa. Lisa was missing, which is always a bummer.

More games played. These guys were always doing their own playing. Definitely not as fun as ours :)

All the grandkids (that went to the cabin) with grandma. Grandma loves having the grandkids around - and vice a versa.

It was a small crowd compared to how many there are of us, but it was a lovely time all the same.

I have completed the last days of teaching Seminary for the year also. I intend to enjoy this summer like never before and can now say that I understand how precious summer days are, even though they couldn't get much hotter living in Nevada. I already have plans for some getaways - starting with next week up to Utah and ending with a new granddaughter coming in August. Life is good...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pre-Fair Week

There's no "real" order to these's just a conglomeration of a lot of fun and laughter. The kids have started rolling into Logandale for Fair Week, which is the week they ALWAYS come home. Michaela was the first to arrive. She came on Thursday right after she finished up her semester at BYU-I, and was ready to get out of there and leave her grades behind. After a strenuous semester, she is more than happy to be home where she can just relax (except for the work dad has her doing at the fairgrounds, which is all day - every day:) Tibi and her have had some good times just hanging around though...
Easter Sunday, after church, we attemped to take some family pictures of at least some of us. Here's whose left at home - Boring dad, boring mom, and Tibi and Landon.

Tibi and one of her favorites - Levi

Connie and Peter's cute family. They will be adding another little girl to their family this August!

One of the reasons, and it's a HUGE one, why our family is all gathering home for Fair Week is that we are performing this year. Yep, you heard me - our whole family is attempting to play at the fair. I make no guarantees...but we ARE on the schedule. So I guess that we'd better at least get together to run through what Kira has decided we will play. Lexie has been working the hardest to learn and memorize her bass parts. Kudos to her...

This good looking guy just happened to find his way to our house too. He isn't even family, but he might as well be. He just got done serving his mission here in the LV mission, came back to visit with his parents, put them on a plane back to Indiana, and will leave from here to head up to BYU-I for his upcoming schooling. We have snatched him for a few days here and there to give him a home-cooked meal and a couple rounds of card games. Here's Marce, Eden, and Adam Gibson playing games on his phone.

Levi is obsessed with superheroes. Not that I blame him....they are pretty cool. His favorite this week has been Superman. He got a new suit for Easter, which he says makes him look like the "guy that turns into Superman." I immediately pulled up Christopher Reeves as Superman on You Tube to show Levi how it looked in the movies, gave him an old pair of "no glass" glasses to keep, and let's just say that he has been Clark Kent ever since they got here :) I think he looks pretty authentic...

I'm thinking that after all the late nights, Easter candy, still teaching Seminary, and laughing, we are all going to need another "vacation" after this vacation! Connie and Peter were smart to plan a little getaway to Vegas without the kids. They will be back on Wednesday night, just about the time that I head off to the funny farm...

And this little guy just keeps on smiling, getting into EVERYTHING, and being the cutest little thing around!

Monday, March 12, 2012


My sister is having a giveaway. She has started her own creative blog and is giving this cute purse away to some lucky gal! To enter click HERE. Good luck everyone! (...and good luck to my sister)