Monday, December 14, 2015

And So It Goes...

I'm not sure how time got away from me, but much has happened since the last time I posted anything. We have had two missionaries out, one come home already, the other coming home in May.
We have had two little ones join our family. One to Lexie and Sharrid, another darling boy, Percy Joel. That makes 4 for them.
And one to Michaela and Tommy, their first. Little Forrest Abram.  Life has suddenly all changed for them now.
Life also brought an end to this lovely lady, my beautiful mother. She struggled for so long not being able to do so many things she loved to do. Shopping, cooking, walking,  even being able to take care of herself. Her body decided it was done with this life, and let her leave on November 11th, 2015, on a beautiful, sunny day. I am sad that she is gone, but even more happy that she is free to do all those things she dreamed of doing as her body kept her a prisoner. I love you mom.