Monday, January 14, 2008


Kevin and I took off to San Diego with another couple this last week for county fair business. The weather was perfect, (no rain as predicted), good food, and a trip up the coast to Carlsbad to see mom and dad and most of my family for a lunch at Chins. That would have been the most important picture to take, but of course I was too busy catching up and having fun to even remember that I could have taken a few pictures. Duh! Now I could kick myself in the pants. Oh well, we were also able to see Kevin's "mission mom" Pat Cavallin, who lives about 10 minutes from where we stayed. She has been a true friend for many years. So even though I really just went along for the "ride", it was a great time.


Connie said...

Glad you had fun and got to see Gma and Gpa. And glad you didn't have to fly!

Sharrid & Lexie said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun, I'm glad dad got to see her. Prob. made her day. How is everybody anyway? I wish we could go down there. We see people at the cabin every year but boy it'd be nice to go to Carlsbad, I know we'll be able to do more and more trips as our marriage goes on.

Nicole Willard said...

Fun trip guys! Sounds like you had a great time!! I love that we know some of the same people from Cali. Like my best friends family, the Waldrons form Costa Mesa & My Aunt & Uncle Scott & Linda Alexander from Catherdral City/Palm Springs. Small world!