Monday, February 18, 2008

Slacklining Fever!
I "taught" Cam how to slackline over the weekend.
He rocked it for a first-timer! We had a lot of fun and laughs.
Mother wanted me to share the pics with everybody, so check us out!

"I know tricks."

Cam lookin' like a pro


Connie said...

Wow! It looks so fun. We are definitely doing that when we come up!

Jamie and Sherrie said...

That looks like so much fun. Vicki have you tried it!!! My kids would love it. Thanks again fo being an awesome Piano teacher to my kids!!!! They love coming to your house!!!

Sharrid & Lexie said...

I bet I'd be good if I weren't pregnant

Emily said...

Vicki! Of course I remember you! I can't believe how long it has been! I recognize Connie & Kira the most but Lexi was so little when you lived in Costa Mesa. It is so fun to see your family on your blog! You and Kevin haven't changed a bit.... I will have to tell my dad to go to your blog and say hello! He is doing good, he's been lonely I know. He just started to date a little bit and we all just want him to be happy! He's still so young like you guys! Well, I will have to come check up on you fun! It's funny because I was in the same ward in Provo with Jeff Willard while I was engaged and he married Nicole an old family friend from Riverside. Small world!