Monday, August 16, 2010

The Last Beach Trip of the Summer

We were able to sneak in a beach trip on Saturday, but ended up picking the wrong weekend to be there. Oh well, we still had fun and really did it for the kids anyway.
Grandma and Eden trying to stay warm. Evidently, August is NOT the hottest month in Carlsbad.
Kira used her creative juices and sculped a lovely mermaid for all us beachgoers. The seaweed made for pretty cool hair!
We got home from church on Sunday just in time for Michaela to come over and say goodbye before her ward started. She looked great in her purple and bright colors.
It was a great weekend. We crammed more into it than there were days, but is was well worth going. We won't be back until December 17th, when another wedding takes place. We love these girls and can't miss - these kids all grew up together, either in California or Nevada, so they are definitely family!

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