Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July at the Cabin

We were able to get away out of the heat for a few days. Before we headed to the cabin, Tibi and I went up to Salt Lake area to meet up with family members for the sealing of my sister, Debbie's boy. Dad was able to perform the sealing for Craig and Breanna on Friday morning, which was wonderful, of course. At the reception that night I was able to see a cousin I hadn't seen in years, uncles and aunts I hadn't seen for a long time, and spend time with Kira and Michaela also. No pictures, as I took my non-digital camera to take pictures of the weekend events. On Saturday morning we all headed down to the cabin at Panguitch Lake to spend our annual 4th of July family time together. I ended up getting some kind of a bug which put me down in bed for a good day (Sunday), because I had been up all night throwing up. Not my idea of a vacation at the cabin...
Here's the pics that Kevin shot with his camera while I was in bed :(
Grandma Packard and Heather, my youngest sister's daughter (and the youngest grandchild)
Playing games without me (how rude...)

Some of us are okay with not playing games...
It was smart to have more than one game table in the cabin.
Presenting mom and dad with the quilt that me and my sisters made for their upcoming 59th wedding anniversary. This has truly been a labor of love, although it took us almost a whole year to get it done from start to finish.
On Monday, the guys went out fishing and caught their limits. We ate some for breakfast and brought some home too.

Teaching Landon how to gut a fish...


Erin & Danny said...

The quilt looked amazing. What a wonderful gift.

Michaela said...

Great picture of Jeff. Typical. Haha. Grandma looks pretty in the first picture :)
And Landon and Dad.. what studs! I wish I could have seen them over the weekend. Fishing looks like fun. And Lando, I love the camo shorts. Like father like son. Rad.