Thursday, June 12, 2008


I dug up some pictures I found taken a few months ago when Connie and the kids were visiting. All of the grandkids love to be outside and especially play around with Kit, our dog, and Cat, our cat (we could never come up with a name and frankly, we didn't care.) The flowers were in bloom too, which is next to impossible in Nevada. The kids loved looking at all the colors. When it's bearable outside, we open the front door and they run! It pays to have a BIG front yard.

Kit has always been so good to just let the kids do whatever to her.
The cat has turned out to be pretty mellow too. The only reason we have her is to catch the mice and scorpions. I'm not really a cat person and most of my kids hate them too. Sorry to offend anyone!

Tibi dressed the kids this day and accidently put Levi's shirt on Eden! We didn't realize it was his, and NOT hers till Connie came home from an errand and let us know.

Playing with the basketball too. You have to do it all before it gets too hot.

Eden has always been the daredevil of the family. She thought it was pretty cool that she could jump off the little flower ledge without falling on her face!

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Come play with me." (Whatever) I think our cat is smarter than we give her credit for!

I'm glad I snapped this picture. It's cute but also proves that flowers actually grow in the desert. (ONLY in the shade though!)

(Nice TIGHT shirt Eden!!)


Connie said...

Bwaaahahahahaha! That shirt on Eden! She looks like such a little hooch! Cute pictures. i hadn't seen these.

Karena said...

AWWWWW, I miss Kit-love! She's always been great with kids.

Michaela said...

actually, that was me who didn't know how to dress the kids... ha. cute pics mom!

Kevin and Vicki said...

Sorry Michaela. I don't want to give credit to Tibi if you did that stupid thing!!

Michaela said...

haha, thanks mom. thanks for crediting me for my stupidity.