Saturday, June 21, 2008


I love my brother Scott. He is as camera happy as I am, which makes me very grateful. Especially for times like these. As long as I can remember, my Aunt Alice has been a part of my life. Even when they lived in Oceanside before moving to Carlsbad, I can remember the house they lived in. I must have been around 4 years old. Their children were my best friends. We were either there or they were at our house. When we finally lived next to each other all those years growing up, they were over swimming in our pool probably every day during the summer. The beach hardly got visited by all of us (except for Chris and Scott surfing) because the pool was right there and oh so convenient. Plus mom's cookie jar was almost within reach after a good long swim. Those were the days. It's hard to believe that we have all grown up, had children of our own, and only get to see each other at reunion time, conference time, and funeral time. We always think that these golden ones around us are going to be there always. I have finally come to the realization when I see a photo of my dad's brothers and sisters, that they are leaving us one by one. Life is going on and will go on without them. I guess the secret of life is enjoying the journey with the ones you love......while you have them.
My wonderful brother Scott, and my cousin Ruth.

Uncle Von and Aunt Sheila have always been there too.

Shirleen, in the middle, is a true cousin friend.

Michaela and Sara after the funeral. I am so glad that they have each other in Provo. These two are not only the same age, they are kindred spirits.

Grandpa greeting Sara at the viewing. Poor grandma and grandpa didn't even get a chance to change clothes before the viewing. They barely made it there as it was, because of 3 accidents on the road going up. They even stopped and helped with one of them. That's dad for you. I can remember stories about dad stopping to help accident victims from my earliest days. It pays to have a medical background. Scott and Dianna were right there at one of the accidents to help and console while waiting for medical emergency crews to get there.

The WHOLE Floyd & Alice Packard family singing at the funeral.

Sweet Uncle Floyd, surrounded by the most important thing to him.

A sad day for grandchildren.

Lisa, Daphne (Uncle Bob's), David (Uncle Bill's) and Theresa.

One of those pictures that gives me mixed emotions......overwhelming love and frightening realization.

Uncle Floyd is one of the most positive people I know. Right along with my own dad. I am so grateful and blessed that he is a part of my life.


Connie said...

Mother, way to make me cry! I will miss Aunt Alice. It seems like Peter and I were just there at their house talking with Alice in her kitchen. And yes, it is sad to see them go one by one. Good thing we have reunions so we can see each other every once in a while.

Connie said...

Oh yeah, and I LOVE that picture of Sara and Kayle. So cute and candid!

Karena said...

I was sad that I wasn't able to be there. It gets me thinking about things I don't want to think about. The reason we go to the cabin every year is so that I can see extended family, but mostly grandma and grandpa. This Russian Roulette of Packard kids is a little fightening. The've been such a rock in so many lives.

Kira said...

Great post Mom...I think we all feel the same way- its such a loss to not be able to be surrounded by these spiritual giants- whether they have passed on, or just don't live close anymore. But I'm grateful we can always keep the good memories with us, and continue learning from their amazing examples. Aunt Alice will definitely be missed...

marknkim said...

I am so glad you have a blog, I will add you to mine!! I was sorry to about your Aunt Alice, her brother Louie lives by us and they told us she wasn't doing well.
All the Packard clan are wonderful people and my heart goes out the family.
It is great to see the pics and try to remember everyone. You look great!! Hopefully we can get together sometime, my husband is a huge basketball fan too! He refs a lot of games, he is die hard too!
(my hair has been blonde for a long time, thinks to a great hairdresser!) I'm letting it go natural to see what my real color is, seems to be silver now :0

Jamie and Sherrie said...

What a sweet and loving post. I love your family. My heart goes out to your family. I enjoyed reading all your sweet memories. I'm so grateful that families are forever and that we will see are loved ones again someday.