Sunday, November 30, 2008


Once again, we head up to St. George for Willard Thanksgiving Reunion. We always stay with Randy and Penny, Kevin's brother. We headed up there Wednesday afternoon, did some shopping for our fruit salad and rolls, then headed over to the house for visiting and laughing. We love our Wednesday nights at their house, because people start showing up for the weekend. We always end up staying up late and laughing till way over midnight! Here we are checking out each other's blogs and grandbabies, of course!
Hayley, Matt, and Gina working on a wordsearch that Paul's family brought. It had everybody's name on it. (THAT should take the whole weekend)
THURSDAY: (oops....missed one. I somehow forgot to rotate this one. Sorry Lexie) Kevin and Jeff Maw catching up on what's happening...
Working on the wordsearch. (I'll have you know that I was the ONLY one in the Kevin Willard family that finished it by the time our weekend was done. Yay mom!)
Dana, Penny, and Casey's big head at our annual breakfast at the church. This year Hazel made cinnamon rolls and sticky buns.
Dang it! Another one missed. I was in a hurry to get this posted before church. No bumpout game this year, just some shooting from Landon.
This year Kira brought Sean's sister Brooke with her. I think she had a good time. It was great to have her there.
Festive dad helping to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner.
Kira had brought feathers and pilgrim hats for our dinner with all of the family. She was the creative genius for our family this year. We are looking pretty into it, don't you think?
Landon makes a pretty serious indian. He was stuck doing dishes with the teenagers again this year. It has become a tradition that is carried on every year... all the teenagers doing dishes. He actually got in there and really worked hard, even wiping off tables.
Quality time with the cousins.
I didn't get pictures of Silly Song Night this year, which I don't have a good excuse for. Tibi and I were sharing the camera. Michelle got a special award though for being the ONLY BYU fan in her whole family. They gave her a Utah cap. She immediately gave it to her son, Jeremy.
FRIDAY: We got up Friday and headed over to the park for fun and lunch. Yummy leftover turkey sandwiches, chips, Donna's fudge, Hazel's cookies, and drink. I worked on my wordsearch here too...
Paul brought a rocket launcher for everyone to use. They shot way up in the sky. The kids had fun making their own rocket and having contests to see whose could go the highest. Fun activity...
Taking turns shooting them off. Even Kira and Brady got into it.Lucy went around and collected all of the rockets for everyone.
The big guys got together for a frisbie target game. It was kind of like a golfing game with frisbies. You went from one target to the next, through a whole course.

Every year we get a picture of Tibi and Tibi. It has been fun to see how young Tibi has changed over the years. Of course, big Tibi doesn't change very much...
Friday night we always head over to Bob and Karren's for a dinner of canneloni, salad, and homemade breadsticks. This is one of the favorites of Thanksgiving weekend. Good food, and the pies and desserts are just around the corner!
Kira is in a festive mood again!
Hanging around after everything is done. Singing Beatles songs, and then some...


jaxon said...

ya need to put the video of bruce and put it on this blog

Connie said...

What is the video of Bruce? I am dying that we didn't come this year. Looks like you had a great time.

Haley said...

Oh Vicky, this is a beautiful tribute to such a fun Thanksgiving, but I have to say that me, Natalie, and Stephanie all finished the word search as well! haha But I love all the pictures you got!

Lott's Wife said...

Looks like you had a blast. I had no idea Kevin was half Indian...he looks good in feathers.
I love reading your blog - and thanks for commenting on mine. It's nice to know someone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Karena said...

Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving, but how could you not...I think about the year that I was there all the time.