Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Hey, batter batter!"

Tibi is into her first season of softball now. She plays outfield, and switches off positions there. Today she played in the later innings at center and had a bad wind to have to deal with. She had a great hit which ended up getting her to third base, much to the delight of her teammates and fans (us) in the stands.

They ended up losing the game, but did pretty good playing a more experienced team from St. George.

"Good game, good game..."


Lexie & Sharrid said...

Wow, Tibi, how exciting was that huh!? I want to see one of your games...maybe SOMEDAY! Great job, way to go! Hope you are liking it. You are the odd ball trying soccer and then softball, it's cool.

Lisa said...

Great job Tibs! was that desert hills? but awesome video. im coming home this weekend and i thought you said you had a game. when is that? i want to come watch.

Michaela said...

Yay Tibi! You did great!