Saturday, March 14, 2009

Landon's Last Hurray

Landon finished up his basketball season with a home game against a Vegas Middle School. Even though they lost the game, they had a great season winning most of their games. Landon has always been very good at understanding the whole game of basketball. He's had a keen eye for seeing the open man under the basket and passing him the ball at the last second. He's usually right on with his foul shots and 3 point shots too. The only thing he doesn't understand about the game is having to sit on the bench. He'll never understand that part. He loves the game more than any other player there to ever have to sit on the bench (his thinking, I'm sure).
Well's to a great season of basketball. And on to a great season of baseball (he and dad are off to baseball practice as I type this). Here's one of his famous 3 point shots in action. He is #25.

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Lexie & Sharrid said...

dang it, I can't get the clip to work for me, it goes to a certain point and then just freezes. bummer...