Monday, April 20, 2009

Baseball Has Started...

Landon has started his season of baseball. This is his last year in Little League, and also the last year he will have his dad coach him. He advances to high school next year where he will try out for the team there and have the school's coaches take over. It's been fun to have Kevin involved all these years in Landon's sports, but all good things come to an end, I guess. Here he is pitching for his team. He is pretty accurate, fun to watch, and enjoys the game almost as much as he enjoys eating and sleeping! (Actually, I'm probably not right about that...)

When Landon is not pitching, he plays first base.

Landon's the only lefty on the team. He's been pretty consistent getting on base for his first few games. He is lifting weights to get a little stronger in his pitching and hitting.

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Lexie & Sharrid said...

awe man, what happened to wearing his socks up high?