Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Putting Up The Tree...

This has become one of our favorite parts of the Christmas season - hanging up and decorating the tree. Tibi and Landon get it all to themselves now that all of the other girls are gone. We still have to divvy out the Washington DC ornaments between everyone, but other than that, it's smooth sailing...for the most part.
Kira is home, but let the kids do their job as she was busy doing a job herself. She was in the middle of transforming Lexie's white vans into a work of art. She is getting pretty good at doing that. She should go into business. She customs them to the liking of her "patient". (Hogwart's logo, NBA, Jackson 5 - you know.)
It was rainy and cold, bitter cold, so Kit decided that inside must feel better than outside. Of course, the rest of the family let her in. This time she didn't even wait till mom said that it was okay, evidently. She even crossed the kitchen tile to get into the family room, which is a first for her!
Dad got to sit and relax after he got the lights on the tree. That's his only job.
This year dad got another tree for the front room. My piano student called it the "Target" tree, because it is red and white. It lights up the whole room at night.
The grandkids even ended up with a little tree all for themselves!
That means we are a "3 tree family!" I guess that's kind of like becoming a 3 car family, or a 3 TV family. We are really coming up in the world, don't you think?!


Karena said...

There's something special about putting up the Christmas Tree. I'll hate it when all the kids are gone and can't have them putting ornaments in the wrong spot (I need to stop being such a perfectionist).

Camie said...

Putting up the tree and decorating it was one of our favortie family things. Then, once it was all decked out, Kenneth, Karena and I would play our favortie Christmas game....gues which ornament I'm thinking of. You would get three guesses to figure it out and only a few simple hints. Oh the memories.

Michele and Todd said...

We put up two regular size trees also and one tiny one in the kitchen window. I think those white trees are so pretty. I just finished decorating the second big tree this morning. That is kind of behind schedule for me.