Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Okay, I know that I am a traitor. It's been three weeks since I have blogged, which is a long time for me. And now that I am back to blogging, I have to steal all of these Thanksgiving pictures from Lexie and Connie because I was busy taking pictures while there, with Lexie's camera. We had a great time in St. George, as usual, with all of our Willard relatives. My kids have never known another way of doing Thanksgiving, and I have never in all of my Thanksgiving-ing had to cook a turkey, so it is all fine with me. I can make a mean fruit salad though...
Here are some candids, mostly for those of you who are not immediate family members, which is very unlike me...
The grandkids trying their hands at Nintendo 64 at our house before we headed to St. George. They are not good, but love to try!

Thanksgiving morning is always breakfast at the church, with a game of basketball "bumpout" thrown in. The rest of us mingle and catch up.
Kira, Michaela, and Tibi
In line for bumpout. Getting a candid shot of all 6 kids is a miracle.
All the kids were here this year, except for Lexie's husband, Sharrid, who had to work Thanksgiving day. We did get to see him on the weekends before and after Thanksgiving dropping off and picking up Lexie and the boys.
Tibi, Michaela, and Connie
Kira, Michaela, and TibiNo pictures of the actual dinner. We are usually cramped into one room anyway and can't get to our cameras. This year we had 150 Willards, the most we've ever had. That number of Willards comes from Kevin's mom and dad alone. (And I thought the Packard family was big)
Friday morning we usually spend at a park playing and eating lunch. Here's Phoenix showing Landon how to catch a ball...
Kevin loves to catch up on things with his many brothers. If you know Kevin at all, you know that he LOVES to talk, and he and his brothers come from the same mother, so when they get together - well, you know the rest. I said his mother because his father hardly got a word in with mother around! This was the first Thanksgiving without having both of them there. It's not the same without them, but we still manage to have a great time.
Brother Parry and Kevin
I snuck a picture with him while I could grab him.


Karena said...

Brings back memories. It's no wonder you do it EVERY Thanksgiving, it's a blast!

Jamie and Sherrie said...

Love the Grandkid picture too sweet!!! Your Grandkids are so blessed to have such AWESOME Grandma and Grandpa!!!