Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year Older...

I love New Years, not because I have a chance to make a new list of things I want or need to do, but because I get the chance to reflect on the last year and figure out what I really did with my life for the last year. Not that I don't have my list, but I personally would rather make sure that I wasn't a slacker, or improving in SOME way. I came across an article in the Church News a couple of months ago that I tore out and kept because of it's sentiment. It was written by a 102 year old man that had given much of his life to others. Here's the poem that he wrote that was included in the article:
Age is a quality of mind.
If your dreams you've left behind,
If hope is cold,
And you no longer look ahead,
And your ambitious fires are dead,
Why then, you're old.

But, if in life you do your best,
And if in life you keep your zest,
And love you hold,
No matter how the years go by,
No matter how the birthdays fly,
You are not old.


connie shirley said...

I love the poem. Great advice. Thanks, Mom!

Michele and Todd said...

That poem just helped me out!