Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Druggie For A Week

I don't take drugs, hardly ever. I will stick it out with a headache or ailment until I either can't stand it any longer, or until Kevin tells me to take something. Then I'll do it just to ease his mind, or stop his belly-aching, whichever comes first. So I consider this week to be a week of "almost" sinning for me, because I have drugs and I'm going to take them! Mom and dad are taking all of us kids and spouses on a 7-day western Caribbean cruise on Saturday, and I can't walk to Miami (believe me, I would if I could) and that means that a plane and I are going to be battling it out. I'm sure that the plane is going to win. Planes and I have never been best of friends, not even friends at all for that matter. I don't do well with them. Friends never make you sick, or nervous, and you usually like to be around them. So planes are my mortal enemy. The only enemy I have really. So these two drugs are my new best friends. The patch, (which has been a friend for a while) and Xanax, an anxiety med for nerves. It's bad enough to get sick on flights, but to be nervous too - that's just not nice. They don't go together well at all, sick and nervous. So, hopefully I will relax and find myself in Miami a lot quicker than I would have made it walking. Now all I have to worry about is keeping the ship from rocking. I hope their beds are comfortable. I'm thinking that I might be spending quite a bit of time on mine.


Lexie & Sharrid said...

You'll do fine mother, just keep those patches on and take your iPod. Take one Xanax and see how that affects you after about 30-45 minutes, then if you feel like it's not doing enough, take another one. Three knocked me out cold for some good hours of deep deep sleep so I'd try and stay away from 3. Say your prayers, keep your meds close, and have dad give you a blessing...and have a GREAT trip!!

Camie said...

Great advice Lexie-especially the blessing.

I feel your pain. For the last 5 years planes and I have not gotten along very well. I think I've thrown up the last three flghts I've taken. At this point I might have to start swearing them off entirely.

Good luck on the cruise. Just make sure you visit their medical facility and get a wrist band that puts pressure on your pressure points. My friend swears by them. They also have motion sickness patches available. Also, stay oput in the fresh air as often as you can. AND HAVE FUN!!!!