Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sorry about all the pictures, but this is for Kira and Lexie who didn't get to make it to Willard reunion this year. Thanksgiving time is reunion time for Kevin's side of the family. This is the only Thanksgiving my children have ever known, and has been happening even before I married Kevin. The kids look forward to it every year, as this is about the only time they get to see most of their uncles, aunts, and cousins. Every family has food assignments, sleeping arrangements made, and an itinerary in hand. Our food assignment every year is to make the fruit salad for the big dinner, so here we are chopping apples, peeling pomegranates, and dumping in the canned fruit! (While Penny makes her stuffing...)
Connie, Penny, Aly, Randy, and Vicki
Randy is the brother that is closest in age to Kevin. They are a year apart. We spend Thanksgiving weekend at their house. We wouldn't have it any other way...I hope Penny feels the same way!
Heading over to Bob's house to prepare for our dinner on Thursday. We meet and mingle, while the other's finish their food assignments. We have already met that morning for a big breakfast at the church, the first gathering of the weekend.
Vicki, Lauren, and a friend she brought. (Plus little Henry!)
Last minute fixings in the kitchen.
Hazel, Parry, Randy, and Bob (sister-in-law, and all brothers to Kevin)
Everybody else can't wait to eat!
Tibi, Michaela, Landon, Connie, and Levi
The little kids even keep themselves busy till it's dinnertime...
(plus mommies Victoria and Dana)
Still mingling...
Jeff, Tibi (big Tibi), Rachel, Audrey, and Joe (Rachel's husband)
Yay! Food to the tables...
Marnie, Parry, Penny, and Melissa
Kevin can't resist taking pictures of pretty girls!
Katie, Rachel, Jensen, Natalie, and Jorgen
Kevin's only sister, Teressa. She is the youngest in the family, after 7 boys!
About ready for a blessing on the food...
Randon (looking a little scruffy), and his new wife, Kylee
Jonah took more vegetables on his plate than anything else. He enjoyed playing with his red pepper and mixing his jello with it!
Now we're full and can't move!!
But we are happy!
Evidently, no more pictures - but that night we had family night (missionary reports, family additions announced, family history stories, etc.) On Friday, we met at Bob's house instead of the park because it was so cold. We ate lunch, shot off rockets, had a treasure hunt for the toddlers and young kids, and ate Aunt Linda's toffee! Yum... Then we hung around, some went shopping, until meeting at the temple for the Christmas lighting of the grounds, then back to Bob's for our traditional Canneloni/Breadsticks (all homemade) dinner and Silly Song Night. Our family rocked (of course!) with an awesome personalized family version of "Bust a Move". Check out Connie's blog (down the sidebar) for a "live version". It's probably about the only rap song that I will ever enjoy listening to because it turned out so funny...AND TRUE!
Until next year...


Lexie & Sharrid said...

Mother, I suppose I need to educate you in the world of rap/hip hop. It's not all what you think. There is positive songs and messages just like any other genre...you just have to find them. Rap is actually one of the most artistic genre's because of the improv aspect of it (which is when someone raps off the top of their head to music, which most hip hop artists have the ability to do) Being a song writer and not being able to do that, I'm pretty impressed.

I wish there were more pictures of breakfast and stuff not on there, but who am I to talk? I didn't take any of our little Thanksgiving...

Tibi said...

The little dark haired girl is Katie, Bruces youngest daughter..

Lexie & Sharrid said...

you can always edit her name back in ha ha but whatever...ha ha

Connie said...

Cute pictures! It was a lot of fun this year. Different, because of the smaller numbers, but it's always a party at Penny's no matter what!

Lott's Wife said...

Very adorable!! I watched the song on Connie's blog and laughed my head off - you have such an adorable family even with kevin as the daddy! i was surprised he had such good rythymn.!!