Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tackling THE Project!

This is the project that has needed to be done before the heat sets in - and this is no small project. Because we have had a good share of rains this last season, our yard is green, but not the kind of green we want. The weeds have taken over the place, so when we woke up today and saw that the weather was cool and breezy, we knew that today was the day. I think the clincher was when Michaela drove in from Rexburg for the weekend and called our yard a "jungle". I didn't dare take a "before" shot...I was too embarrassed. So here we are, in the middle of weed pulling, with the family and even the missionaries, who just happened to drive by and lend a hand.
Almost done!
After much hard work, and sore hands, we headed into the house for a well-deserved, though LATE, breakfast of crumbcake, pancakes, bacon, eggs, and juice. Mmm boy!
I almost feel bad that Michaela brought her guy friend with her for the weekend - he got roped into helping. He was a good sport and probably saw that it was going to take ALL hands to tackle a project like this!
Now we can at least keep a handle on the weeds that pop up from time to time. (Actually, there's really more weeds in our lawn than LAWN!)


Grammy D said...

Hey that's fabulous! If I feed you guys will you come pull our weeds. I would give you a whole day of meals but believe me it would take more than a whole day to tackle our yard. I am so impressed you guys did this. The heat will probably be here before we get it done.

Connie said...

I would have helped! Stuff like this isn't so bad with good company, and hey, even the missionaries were there! Maybe you could throw a "weed-pulling/BYU game party" or something!

Lott's Wife said...

Kevin looks like someone beat the crap out of him!!! How big were those weeds??? Bahahaha!!!