Thursday, March 13, 2008

100 things about Michaela
(by Michaela)

1. My favorite food is bananas.
2. I'm really cool.
3. I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday.
4. I hate freezer food. It's not food.
5. I'm not afraid of the ocean or things in it.
6. I'm not afraid of heights.
7. I'm really not afraid of anything for the most part... except wind... weird, I know.
8. I love reading talks by the General Authorities.
9. I hate when people talk about their finances in front of others. I think that's totally taboo.
10. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of person. I probably always will be. I really don't think I'll ever dress mom-ish.
11. I'm stoked to move soon, but I'm grieved to leave Tibi and Landon. I'll miss them.
12. Ice-cream is, hands down, my favorite dessert.
13. I love slacklining and hope to become a slacklining wizard.
14. Thanks to Connie and Kira I was raised on the Beatles. I love the Beatles.
15. I once took 2nd place in an "ESPN scene it" game against six guys. They were impressed.
16. My girl friends in HS always made fun of me for liking golf enough to watch it on TV.
17. I don't really have "guilty pleasures". I own whatever I like with pride. It doesn't embarrass me.
18. I absolutely loathe cartoon commercials that are for "big people". i.e. esurance, charles schwab, etc.
19. I've never gotten a ticket.
20. I'd say I used to be a pretty picky eater, but the only things that I still really don't like are... potato chips, bacon, beans, bagels, and mushrooms.
21. Although I like the taste, I don't drink soda or carbonated beverages, with the exception of sparkling juice and Perrier. (and only on rare occasions)
22. I absolutely love anatomy and medical terminology.
23. I'm a nerd.
24. I was captain of the cheerleaders my senior year of HS. I loved cheering.
25. Michael Buble' and Zach Braff are my celeb lovers.
26. I'm obsessed with the movie "Garden State". (clean flicks :)
27. I love BYU.
28. I love urban slang and lingo.
29. I love stereotypes. They're funny. (I'm allowed to say that. Refer to #24.) I also love anything cliche. It's funny.
30. I love photography and developing my own pics. I plan/hope to have my own little darkroom someday.
31. I could pour over maps all day.
32. I really love trees.
33. I hate desert landscape.
34. I'd be completely content if Nevada was erased off of maps.
35. I loved growing up with 5 siblings, and I love the idea of a big family.
36. I want to serve missions with my eternal comp.
37. I defy anyone to label me as shallow or superficial.
38. I'm a horrible speller.
39. I hate eating breakfast and I don't, even though I know I should.
40. I'm most productive at night.
41. When I was little I wanted to be a nurse... then a graphic designer... then a nurse... then a photographer... then a nurse... then I didn't know... then a nurse... then a surgical technician... then a nurse... then a dance teacher... then a chiropractor... and now a nurse. I'm going to stick with nurse. I feel confident and happy about it.
42. I love my scrubs.
43. I have more fun hanging out with a group of guys than I do a group of girls.
44. I have to floss my teeth.
45. I hate using a purse and I avoid it as much as possible.
46. Google rocks my world. Genius.
47. One of my favorite hymns is "Be Still; My Soul". (with only men singing.)
48. I used to keep a list of places I wanted to go, but there were way too many to keep writing down... I think I'll start making a list of places that I don't care to go to. (if I can think of any)
49. I love things/people that live a prep lifestyle. I mean true prep. WASP and old money.
50. I've seen 14 temples, and have been inside 5 of the 14.
51. I enjoy the company of cool nerds.
52. I plan/hope to have a cabin someday. I once saw, while snowboarding, a family skiing together. The father called to his children, "I'm going to head on home. I'll see you guys in a while." He then proceeded to straight up ski to his front door. Too sick. It's now one of my dreams to have a cabin as such.
53. Someday I want to have a Siberian Husky. (probably when I live in a cabin.)
54. I consider Carlsbad/Oceanside my home away from home.
55. I'm a completely different person than I was in HS.
56. There are some places that I'd like to live someday for a minute- SF, NYC, Boston, England, France, Some place down by the Mediterranean, etc.
57. I usually hate when someone is a spaz about everything.
58. I don't like cats.
59. I don't know of anything that I'm allergic to... so I'll probably die in some freak, allergic reaction accident.
60. I'm a bit obsessed with foreign people. Their style, accent, etc. Especially Europeans.
61. I could never date a guy who likes Nascar.
62. I love being comfy and wearing hoodies.
63. I think climbing, slacklining, kayaking, backpacking, soccer playing, lacrosse playing, golfing, surfing, sailing, tennis playing, outdoors living and loving guys are hot.
64. I don't like the idea of hunting.
65. I hate myspace/facebook and anything like unto it. I'll never have one. It's completely pointless.
66. I'll never drive a minivan.
67. One of my dream cars is a Land Rover Hybrid. (they're still working on making one though.)

68. I'm a volcom scout, I believe in the phrase- take only pictures, leave only footprints.
69. I hate nail polish, including manicures and pedicures.
70. I hate having long fingernails... but I like growing my toenails out a bit.
71. I'm emotional. But I'm not emo.
72. I'm picky about men's dress clothes. Men's dress clothes are a very important matter.
73. For the most part, I think mustaches are for pedophiles. How many non-creepy people do you know that sport a mustache?
74. I feel totally confident when I rock socks with sandals.
75. I wish I weren't attached to my mobile.
76. I wear a fitted toe ring.
77. I have no desire to have a wedding reception when/if I get married.
78. My favorite color is navy blue. Any other shade of blue is probably a close second.
79. I love milk. I buy Horizon organic milk. It's phenomenal.
80. I like driving with the windows down, but I usually don't because of the drag/mileage.
81. I hate the idea of spoiling someone.
82. I've never kept a journal until this year. It's one of my "New Year" goals.
83. I like to be surrounded by brilliant people. Unintelligent people kill me.
84. I like snow.
85. I find it hard to see beauty in the desert. My bad.
86. I took French for two years in HS.
87. Je suis fatigue.
88. I can sort of play the following... piano, trumpet, drum set, and sort of, but not really the guitar.
89. Anal people kind of drive me crazy sometimes.
90. I don't wear socks with my slip-on vans or top-siders.
91. I tend to date guys with green eyes.
92. My mother is such a dove. You should be jealous.
93. I hate being lied to.
94. People describe me as adventurous, and I like that.
95. I like dancing and singing.
96. I've always wanted to learn how to surf.
97. I think it would be awesome to scuba dive.
98. Most of my dishes are bowls... cereal and ice-cream.
99. My dad can't beat up your dad, and I love that.
100. I love when people ask me for help with a computer/electronic gizmo. I'm technologically savvy enough to always be able to help.

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Connie said...

I also love Google. Have you seen Google Earth? It's awesome. And I also don't like the idea of hunting. I came across a website of a dude who hunted bears, holding the bears' faces to look at the camera. I found it so sad and grotesque. I wanted to cry for that bear. Killed for sport. And I agree with the mustaches thing- with one exception- Mr. Keel! Haha. He looks good without it too though. But #99 was my fave.Glad you blogged this.