Friday, March 14, 2008

50 MORE THINGS (I hope!)

1. "Cars" is my favorite Disney/Pixar movie.
2. When I eat BBQ chips, I only eat the curled (folded over) ones.
3. I LOVE trying new recipes, especially dessert ones.
4. There's nothing better than going for a walk and breathing in a big breath of fresh air.
5. I get a lot of compliments on how my shoes always match my dress.
6. When I eat popcorn, I eat it one kernal at a time. (hate greasy hands)
7. I sing tenor in Relief Society.
8. I am not very good at math, and actually don't care.
9. I love to take pictures. Mostly so I can scrapbook them. It's a legacy to me.
10. I hate having stray hairs hanging down my arms. It tickles.
11. I still am not used to the hot heat of Nevada summers and want to leave every year.
12. A Denali would probably be my dream car. (Big enough for kids and babies.)
13. My sun-dried tomato pesto penne pasta is probably one of my favorite things to eat. (With sourdough toast!)
14. I taught Seminary in Dallas when I was 23.
15. I was planning of going on a signing mission, but met Kevin instead.
16. Kevin stayed at my family's house when he was on his mission. (I was gone to BYU)
17. I will never have a flat stomach.
18. I love snow. I think it's beautiful when it's untouched.
19. If anything ever happened to Kevin, I would finish raising my kids, then go on a mission.
20. I do not allow sagging in my house. (Pants, not skin)
21.I am a very scatter-brained person. (ask my mother)
22. I am a candle burning mama and cannot get enough of them.
23. I also have been known to own almost every scent of Victoria Secret body spray and lotion at different times.
24. I could go almost anywhere by myself and be happy, (Disneyland, shopping, road trip, etc.)
25. I am not very good with names, but awesome with numbers. (remembering phone #'s, etc)
26. I am computer illiterate.
27. I hardly ever get sick.
28. I actually don't mind doing laundry and dishes.
29. I used to be judgemental, but finally decided I had no right to be.
30. I absolutely HATE gossip.
31. I love how my kids (all of them) have never really outgrown kid toys.
32. I cheered in middle school, but could never do the splits.
33. I once went boogie boarding, and ended up topless!
34. I ALWAYS blow into my glasses and cups before I use them.
35. My children have decided that I say some quirky things (mom-isms)
36. I am not a phone person. I wish I was better at it. I get it from my dad.
37. There have been times when I actually felt love for the person driving next to me.
38. Having a bunch of daughters is the best. They are my best girlfriends.
39. Having one boy trying to do it all and being so passionate about it is just as much fun.
40. My hands look MUCH better with long nails. (short, fat fingers and wrinkly skin don't help)
41. Autumn is my favorite season because of the crisp nights and beautiful colors.
42. My hair is naturally curly.
43. I have to dye my eyebrows every week because they are blonde.
44. I make brownies when the kids aren't around so I can lick the bowl and spoon.
45. There's nothing better than a good drum beat and a great electric bass line in a song.
46. I wish I had prettier knees and feet.
47. My favorite cereal is Frosted Mini-Wheats.
48. I really don't like anything on my ice cream except for Magic Shell. I like the crunch.
49. My eyes are getting pretty bad.
50. I wore braces from 7th grade till my senior picture was taken. (6 years, headgear and all!)


Sharrid & Lexie said...

well again I didn't learn anything new, but it was fun to remember things and this time around I was laughing out loud most the time, except I didn't get what 37 was saying, and a couple I felt bad like "awe...mother" like the flat belly one, cause I know it's just skin, from having us kids...

Connie said...

I learned some new stuff, and some I just realized that it was true- liket he blowing in glasses thing. I didn't know you had to wear a head gear! Hopefully not to school! I also sing tenor in Relief Society. I think sometimes the person sitting by me thinks I'm weird!

Sharrid & Lexie said...

Tenor is the hardest part for me to pick out, I wish I were as good as you mom and Con, but I do sing bass an octave up a lot. You just get sick of singing Alto for 4 versus, and I just can't bring myself to sing melody. Actually a lot of time I don't sing and just like to listen...

Karena said...

If you get a chance to look at our blog sometime, I'd really like your comment on a post referring to Elden and his swim lessons.