Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm finally back in town, not that I'm happy with it. It's over 110 degrees here. This may take me a while, but here's my tagged bits of info:

3 Joys:
My grandchildren. And that makes 5 joys! They are the reason I want to live forever. I love seeing all the new things they do, talking to them on the phone, and even spending quality time with each of them changing their diapers.

Good food. I am a succor for anything that is tasty. I LOVE FOOD!! Which doesn't make for a very fit body. I'm still working on that one. At least I have good Packard and Sorenson genes. More thin than fat. Woo-hoo! It could be worse.

This probably will sound weird to some of you, but going to the temple with my children for their first time is an all-time high for me. Just as it should be, I guess. I sat here and tried to think of something that topped that, but I could not come up with anything, so there you have it.... being in the temple with my kids.

3 Fears:
Losing any of my kids or grandkids to an early death. I'm sure that every mother thinks about this one some time in her life, but lately I have had close people experience this and I wonder how they do it. I hope I never have to live through it.

Flying. Period. I HATE flying. I'm scared of it, I get sick, and I ALWAYS think that I am never going to see my family again. I HATE IT. Period.

That Kevin will all of a sudden fall out of love with me. I know it's a long shot, but it's happened to other good people. I guess the secret is to never give him a reason to.

3 Goals:
To go on a mission someday. I never got to go on one when I was younger. Actually, I think going on one as a couple would be better anyway, but I would consider going on one as a single sister if anything ever happened to Kevin. I would love to experience the things some of my girls have experienced going on a mission.

To get out of debt. I am sick of owing money to people. I'd say that I hate money, but you can't live without it, so I better just learn to like it. I have no problem NOT having MORE than enough money for things, I just wish that we had ENOUGH money for the things we need and would like. (Man, I just got a little too personal with this one. Sorry.)

To start Body for Life again this year. Back when Camie got married about 5 years ago, I looked the best I've EVER looked, to me. I had had 6 kids, was over 40, and weighed 128 lbs. With muscle! I felt great, looked good, and was happy with myself. And this is the year that I am not only doing it again, but planning on staying their. Not necessarily 128 lbs, but down where I want to be and stay. Being 50 isn't so bad after all.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections:

I have to admit, not blogging....but READING blogs is dang fun for me! I would probably blog more on my own blog if I had a digital camera. It makes it kind of hard to do when you have to rely on your husband's camera that he uses for work. Not fun. But I LOVE reading my kids and other's blogs. Super cool invention, don't you think?

Rain. I love rain! I suppose I REALLY love it lately because we are not getting it. I don't want to say that I could probably live in constant rain , because I know that I would wish for sunny days, but I love it when it rains....for more than a day. There's nothing like being inside, reading a good book (Twilight), and listening to the rain outside. One of my favorite things in the world. I know... kind of out there!

I was trying to think of a collection that I have and the only REAL and ongoing collection I have is my collection of colored shoes. Stupid, huh? I have been collecting bells for quite a while, but if they blew away tomorrow, I actually wouldn't care. My kids might, but I don't think so. But my colored shoes, man....I think I have about every color, well, except for red and yellow. Anyway, I love my colored shoes.

3 Random/Surprising Facts:

How are we supposed to come up with 3 facts that we haven't already put on our "100 Things" list? Man, this is going to take some brain cells. Okay, for one......I have a real hard time just walking away from the dishwasher when I wasn't the one who loaded it. Does anybody else have this problem, or am I just OCD? I find myself rearranging everything before I start it, UNLESS it is SO jam packed that I couldn't move anything if I wanted to. There are three things that you don't mess with......someone else's dishwasher, the pillows on their bed, and their spouse!

I actually love my age! (I actually think that I am the only one who would say that being 50.) I have had a great life, so why would I let my age get in the way. You have to be this old almost to have grandkids (unless YOU had kids at 12, and THEY start having kids at 12), which is the best time of life, and you have to be this old to realize that you don't have it so bad....just look around you for that one. I don't have health problems, I look better than 3/4 of ANYBODY at the mall, and my husband still thinks I'm sexy, so what else is there?

This one is lame, but I don't have a favorite color. I can't come up with one because I love so many. Equally. Green was my favorite growing up, and I still love green, probably because I live in brown now, but I love yellows, oranges, purples, and everything in between. I WILL tell you though that the brighter the color, the better for me. I love brilliant, bright colors.....not flourescent, but true bright, vivid colors. Turquoise, lime green, magenta, etc. Celestial colors are going to be worth going for me.


Lexie & Sharrid said...

First off, I am THRILLED you are going to do Body for Life again!! You looked so awesome and I think the swimming helped a lot with it, and I loved the part about your age, I could care less really too, but it is weird to think I'm 25 this year...exactly half your age. Anyway I liked reading this, tags can be really cool.

Lexie & Sharrid said...

BTW it's time to update the grandkids pictures on the side of your blog, they are all so much older looking now especially the oldest 3!

camie said...

How funny! I love learning new things about family I've known my whole life.

marknkim said...

Great blog! I guess you and I are both OCD with the dishwasher! LOL ;) Being 50 isn't so bad, we both look great!! We got it going on girl! I like to blog surf, it doesn't take long before you come across an LDS members blog. Lots of us out there.