Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I guess we're not the only ones!

This is just way too funny! I JUST get done posting about our crappy day and realize that everyone is entitled to a crappy day. Poor Ben Rebman comes over to sell a Pirate Card (a discount card for food, movies, etc. that the football players have to sell to people in the valley), and, of course, I already have one, so off he goes to leave and, next thing you know, he's stuck in our soft sand in the driveway. Do you know how many people have done this? A LOT!! I just thought it was funny. Thank goodness we live on a street where ward members live too!
Good boys... they didn't even call their mom or dad to come bail them out. They just asked me for some wood and a shovel. Then the help showed up.
Yay! We did it!! (Wave to the camera guys) They probably thought I was a camera kook for taking pictures. (Notice our newly covered water line trench?!)


Connie said...

Man, you guys have sure had one crazy week! You're going to need that vacation coming up!

Camie said...

Goodness. I think someone has it in for you. Or maybe your front yard and drive way are cursed!!! =)