Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday Britney Chappell was married to her fiance, Chad Lundquist in St. George at The Entrada Resort. For all you HSM fans, it's the same place that they filmed the second movie at. It was pretty cool for the teenagers to be there and see the displays that were around the resort about the cast and movie. Parker even got approached by someone before the wedding and was asked if he was Zach Efron! Funny, huh? Britney looked beautiful, as usual, and everything went off without a hitch.....except for the weather. We had had sunny, beautiful, not too hot days for a long time, and, wouldn't you know it...the day of the wedding and reception, we end up with a huge storm blown in bring rain and COLD wind with it. We were prepared and ready to take action if we needed to......we needed to after all, so after surviving the colder St. George temperatures and wind, we made it back to Logandale to scramble to make it an "indoor" reception instead of what we had planned. Everyone had a great attitude, in fact, we found ourselves laughing many times. By the end of the night, our feet were tired, our bodies were tired, and our beds were calling!

Dad bringing daughter down the isle.

Britney and Chad right after they were married.

Father and son.....looking mighty fine!!
Jordan trying to keep her cool keeping warm!
Paula looked dynamite in her new clothes.
After the ceremony, they set up more tables for the luncheon. Here's Ashley Noto, Tibi, and Michaela getting ready to eat.

Another father and son photo.....Parker had a hard time being civilized! (But he DID have fun!)
I intented to take this photo to send to brother Brockton, who is on a mission in England.....but after focusing on this shot, it might be better off NOT to send it. These guys are nuts!
Ashley and Tibi trying their hands at toasting themselves for looking so good, I guess.
A father's tender speech.....every wedding needs one. We all did whatever it took to not blubber. We didn't do too well.

A group shot of some of us there. This happens to be the "friends" shot. There's Parker again!

Tibi taking off with the flowers after packing up. She loves collecting the leftover flowers with Michaela.

After getting to Logandale for the reception, we set up, it began to rain, we took down, moved around, finally brought the cake inside, and ended up with a pretty good time. The cake was beautiful....fondant and all. The girls thought it was a pretty classic cake.

The lemon bars are getting to Jordan apparently. We all got a little giddy after awhile. (Kasen is not sure how to take her sillyness.)

Tib and Nicole, Nate's wife. Nate is Gregg's younger brother. We all love Nicole.
Nicole thought that Michaela and Tibi were only about 2 years apart in age. She couldn't believe that they were 6 1/2 years apart when I told her. That should make either Michaela or Tibi not too excited!

The traditional "cake in the face" picture. These two were almost brutal with it! It ended up all over the floor and in Britney's hair. Chad even got it in his eye. I've never had frosting in my eye, but I know that I never want to either!

Parker felt the need to find out what it's like to have to wear a dress evidently. He is one kooky kid! (He must not realize that I blog pictures for ALL the world to see!)


Angie Black said...

Vicki, You are the best and I love you SO much. I love that you have already posted pictures of the wedding. Paula should love you too!! Love the pic of you and your hubby. Its about time you updated it! BTW, it was me that thought your two daughters were only two years apart!! Why does Nicole get the credit for everything?? Its always Nicole, Nicole, Nicole!!

Kevin and Vicki said...

Oh silly me Angie! I'm sorry. By the way, you do a GREAT Jan Brady impression!!

Angie Black said...

Yeah did you love my pictures? Do they look familiar? Yep, took them straight from your blog to mine. Thanks....