Monday, July 28, 2008


Eden has been waiting for 2 days to finally get into the pool that we bought for her to play in and keep cool. I bought it too late on Saturday to feel like setting it up, and of course, Sunday wasn't going to work, so we brought it into the house for that day (we ended up having a wind storm blow through here anyway). So this morning when I got Tibi up at 5:15 to get ready to catch her ride to Cedar City for EFY, I decided to get some housework done and water the yard and flowers. I got the pool all filled and ready to go when Eden finally woke up. She ended up not sleeping in as long as I thought she would, which was fine, so by 7:30, when she saw the pool, she was ready to get in right then! So for about an hour, before she even ate breakfast, she got her FIRST playing done in the pool. (She had another one later today too!)
It only took her a few minutes to decide that the water wasn't that cold.
She loves to splash!
Taking the plunge.
She took a break to watch the horse go by. Then it was back in the pool.

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Connie said...

She sure is a water baby! Glad she's having fun! You're in for it now...she's going to want to swim 3 times every day!