Sunday, July 20, 2008


Kevin, Landon, and I decided to take a couple of days and go north where it's cooler. Actually, the main reason we went was to go to the cabin and rescue our car that had died there two weeks earlier. So we left on Friday afternoon and drove to the cabin, finally getting there after MANY pitstops in Mesquite and St. George to find the car parts that we needed. We got to the cabin at midnight, got to bed at 1 a.m., and slept like logs. Kevin got up the next morning to change the thermostat on the Mitzubishi, which hardly took any time at all. It left us with plenty of time to head up Highway 89 to Richfield and surprised our friends, the Chappells, who were there to help finish the garage that Gregg's parents were having built. Kevin helped Sharla pick out colors and give her some pointers, (he IS a color guy, you know) and for the rest of the afternoon and night we just hung out and enjoyed each other. It was nice to be in stormy, cloudy, cool weather.

Gregg and his dad and brother have been putting the electrical on for this trip.
The girls snuck away to get some boutique shopping (I was window shopping) done. Paula is a sucker for this kind of shopping. Of course, she came away with an armload of decor for her home.
When the guys did all that they could do, we took off to the steakhouse in town. Yum yum!!

Gregg showing off his new safety goggles. What a stud!

After dinner, we headed back to Gregg's parents house for cake and ice cream. We were too full after dinner to get dessert, but by the time you load up, drive back, get out of the car, into the house, there's ALWAYS room for chocolate cake and ice cream!
My sentiments, exactly!!
Kevin and Paula were still too full after dinner for dessert, (Paula DID eat all the bread that came with our meals) so instead of cake and ice cream, Kevin gets a good rubdown from Paula. She actually needed one too, but no one can give backrubs like she can. She'll just have to call Dr. Askeroth.


Lexie & Sharrid said...

sweet shirt mom! and how fun, can't wait to see everyone next...up there!

Tibi said...

Well that was nice of you guys to take a vacation without me! Looks like fun. We should go to California sometime soon!

Connie said...

Dad looks like such a wimp in that last picture! Looks like you had fun!

Michaela said...

haha! nice last pic of dad! that sounds fun. wish i could get away somewhere. good for you guys!

Lisa said...

Yes Richfield is very nice. and good ol Steves! so much cooler. and I love Greggs parents. Every week at church his mom would talk to me. very nicelady really love her. it was nice to know someone in my uncles ward. kevin looks like paula is really hurting him lol